The name for the project, “Pelegrina”, begins with its connection to the historic estate of Arkhangelsk. In the beginning of the XiX century, the estate passed into the possession of one of the richest men in Russia – Prince Nikolai Yusupov. This estate became one of the most popular centers of social life in Moscow. The project with its architecture, design and infrastructure will become a new destination for this location. Prince Yusupov was known for his passion to the arts and owned one of the richest libraries and collections of paintings and sculptures. The shining link of them all was an oval gem – “pelegrina” – one of the most famous pearls in the world. A distinctive feature of the project – the central boulevard, resembles the unique oval of the pearl. Emphasizing the historic neighborhood, succession of time, quality and elegance of the new village – “Pelegrina” emerges.

Client: Storm Properties, Russia
Agency: The Seventh Art
My Role: Art Direction & Graphic Design